zondag 24 januari 2016


The ground is shaking
the sun sets for the people
death is left behind.

donderdag 21 januari 2016


Plants need rain to grow
and sunshine is also needed
just like our lives.

woensdag 11 november 2015

The Last Day In The Netherland

I remember moving my sister's closet and behind it, mouldy moss was all over the wall. It had been hiding for four years and nobody noticed until that day. The cats were always walking around trying to jump on the boxes but kept slipping off. As all the bikes were being packed, my cats kept running out as they didn’t want to leave. The last item to be packed was the piano, even though it sounded out of tune, we still wanted to bring it with us, because it was my mother’s special memory. When all the stuff in the house was packed, boxes of different sizes with  the name misspelled on the boxes of the rooms they were going to. They were all full up, ready to go to Malaysia.
The last Day was approaching. My house was packed with boxes full of stuff. Stuff like a painting of a house in the middle of a forest that was near the front door, stuff like cooking books with my favourite Dutch food recipes like friekandel, stuff like my broken up lego that were once battle scenes. These are cherished memories because they are a part of my life. My friends and i went to a party and it took around 30 minutes but I could wait until we got to my friends house. My friends and I were so excited to see there bunny and to play games. In my friends My friends and I had a nerf war and did capture the flag and if you got hit you would stand up for 5 second until you're back in the game. We also had fun watching a movie and we laughed so hard that we could not breath at all.
We started the day with looking at his rabbit and throwing water balloons at each other.  We were so busy that it was nearly time to go home and it started raining so we went inside and played a game called terraria on the ps3. we were playing with one other person each time one of us died we would swap with another person one time in that game one of us would stay on the surface and the other would be mining and getting all sorts of ore.
After the game we were bored and thought to eat food and when I thought about food I said “ Let’s have some food” And right when I said that my friend decided to watch a movie called The Lego Movie. At some point we would be laughing a lot during the end and then It would be time to go and
When I got home I started to pack because we were moving on the next day all our furniture was already packed and so I had a great time at my friends house.

dinsdag 22 september 2015

Tiny Story of Interdependence

Interdependence enters the world of community helping, cooperating and gives support to others.

zondag 20 september 2015

Tiny story

The small fur ball of an animal lay meowing in the hot sun. I immediately knew we had a new addition to the family.